Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crochet project

Hi All,

I counted my unfinished quilting projects today and I came up with four. I did finish an afghan I started last year. Here is a photo of it.

I have set a goal to finish these quilts in two months and post photos of my accomplishments.

We do have a grand baby coming in January so I will need to focus on getting these things done.

We are painting the living room this weekend.
We find as we age, this task that was so easy to do just 10 years prior, it is not so easy. Crawling around on the floor and climbing ladders has become more of a challenge.

Take care everyone and Peace Out!


Jacki said...

Is one of them for me?

Oh, and congratulations, grandma!!

juju said...

Maybe? Thanks on the congrats, can't wait.