Monday, September 28, 2009

Danielle's Wedding

My cousin Paula's daughter got married this past Saturday, September 26, 2009. This is a picture of her Uncle Sam who lives in Florida. Her mother's brother. Sammy's Uncle Frank is behind Sammy in this photo.

This is Danielle dancing with her father Jim. I love this photo. They are both crying. You can still see the tear below Jim's right eye. What a precious picture.

This is Sammy and Paula dancing crazy.

A photo of Sammy and Paula. I was so happy to see Sammy, it has been so long. Paula lives about 20-25 minutes from me. Danielle was married on the anniversary of her grandparents Sam and Gracie whom both have passed on. Sam and Gracie are Paula and Sammy's parents. What a wonderful tribute to her grandparents getting married on their day.

Old - Bay View Hospital

This is the east tower where the children's ward use to be. I stayed in that tower as a child on the second floor.

This is the west tower of Bay View Hospital which are condo's now.

This is the main entrance which is on the east end of the building.

Lake Erie kicking up her heals.

The pier at Bradstreet Landing.

A peak at the lake through the trees.

Where the sky meets the lake looking towards downtown Cleveland.

The waves crashing the pier.

More waves coming to shore.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome - Ian Richard Collins

Our second grandson was born today. September 25 2009, 5lbs. 15oz., 20inches long @3:49pm. He is so tiny and so cute.

His little footprints.

Daddy bringing Ian from the delivery room.

Mommy coming to her overnight room from the delivery room.

Lennon with Aunt Jenni. He came to see his cousin.

Uncle Eric and Aunt Stefanie holding Lennon looking at Ian under the heater to keep him warm.

Aunt Kim holding Ian.

Papa and Nana St.Pierre holding Ian their first grandchild.

Grandma and Grandpa Collins holding their second grandson.

Our little man of the day. Ian Richard Collins.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Evidence of Fall

Fall is in the air. I love fall. You know when you walk on the leaves and they crunch? And the smell of leaves burning and the weather is cooling. Ahhhh nothing better.

Metro Parks

These are a few pictures I took on my walk in the park last week.

Bradstreet Landing. One of Lake Erie's parks in Rocky River, Ohio

A very drab and dreary Lake Erie. September 21, 2009. It is somewhat windy today with rain trying to push it's way in. The lake is very calm and the horizon matches with the same color gray. But I could sit there and watch the lake for hours.