Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am having a bad hair day and she keeps taking pictures of me. HELP!

I really do have eyes under all this hair.

My day keeps getting worse and my hair is unmanageable.

I think it is time to get Franco a hair cut.

We were playing and his hair was full of static. We are suppose to wait till he is 6 months old to cut his hair. He will be 6 months on the 23rd of February. I might trim him a few days early.

He is doing well and up to 4.5 pounds. He is slowing down with gaining weight and almost to his full weight which will be around 5 pounds.

I am afraid after his hair cut he will be under 4 pounds there is so much there.

It is recommended if you do not show a dog that you should keep their hair trimmed back. Although their coat is beautiful long, and a lot of people will keep their coat long just for appearance sake, you must keep them brushed out which takes hours upon hours to do.

Another interesting fact about the Maltese is they have hair not fur and you should use a good shampoo and conditioner on them or their coat appearance will look dull.

Peace Out!

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Jacki said...

Oh he is so adorable!!!