Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Down Memory Lane

These are family members buried in the city of Clarkston Michigan off M24 not too far from Oxford.

Uncle Art was Aunt Margaret's husband.

Milton was Aunt Margaret and Uncle Art's son.

This plaque is also on the lot where Milton is buried.

This is Grandma Gemmel's stone. She died the year Rodney and I were married and made the best oatmeal cookies and bread n butter pickles in the whole United States.

This is a close up of my cousin Gordon's stone who was buried just last month. This completely blew me away. The image is of him and his wife holding hands. Their son said this picture was taken of them walking down the driveway. Gordon is Aunt Margaret's son. His birth name is Marcelle Gauthier, in turn giving him a different father. Aunt Margaret is Grandma Gemmel/Gorsline's daughter and still kicking hard at a young age of 96.

The full view of Gordon and Nina's stone. Mom is standing behind the stone. Gordon and Nina's son Mark told us that we had more family there so we snapped some pictures. I was unable to attend Gordon's funeral so Dolly suggested we make a special trip to the Cemetery. We were glad we did. Miss you Gordy, you are with Butchy now. Until we meet again, rest peacefully.

A few good comments about this particular cemetery are the stones. You can put just about anything on a stone. One we saw, I gather the lady was a sewer, there was a sewing machine engraved (well not really engraved, kind of like photo shopped on) with long sleeve sweat shirts in a half circle effect around the sewing machine. I gather they were designs she made for family. It was so cool. Many wedding pictures, pilots, an excavating machine with a carved hat and so much more. Oh, you can put those iron rods that hold up baskets of flowers there also. Sounds crazy but we had the best time driving through and reading the stones. Next time I would like to look on the other side of the cemetery by the old stones.

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Jacki said...

I've only heard about those family members, but I don't think I ever met them.

I'm gonna have to get Uncle Butch's genealogy stuff and continue.