Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome - Ian Richard Collins

Our second grandson was born today. September 25 2009, 5lbs. 15oz., 20inches long @3:49pm. He is so tiny and so cute.

His little footprints.

Daddy bringing Ian from the delivery room.

Mommy coming to her overnight room from the delivery room.

Lennon with Aunt Jenni. He came to see his cousin.

Uncle Eric and Aunt Stefanie holding Lennon looking at Ian under the heater to keep him warm.

Aunt Kim holding Ian.

Papa and Nana St.Pierre holding Ian their first grandchild.

Grandma and Grandpa Collins holding their second grandson.

Our little man of the day. Ian Richard Collins.


Jacki said...

Awww....congratulations to everyone!!!

juju said...

Thanks Jacki...Love you