Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello all,

Hope this New Year brings you much joy and love.

Franco has grown, he is up to 3.1 pounds but Monday he has a vet appointment so I bet he is at least 4 pounds now. Here are photos of his bath. Enjoy!

My new year promise is to finish all the sewing projects I have started. I will post them as I finish them.

Nothing new on Stefanie. So far she is not in labor. January 9th has gotten here quickly. Will keep you posted.

Peace Out!


Jacki said... looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! And Franco looks like a stuffed animal. He's really cute.

Jacki said...

Hahhaa....I just showed Emma the pictures, and you know the first thing she said? "That looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree!"

juju said...

We bought the tree at Walgreen's and Rodney liked it because he did not have to put lights on it. Yes, it is the Charlie Brown Christmas tree replica, with only one bulb.

Peter Dyrholm said...

man... that looks like an interesting bath time. Not looking too happy being all wet though ;-)

nice Christmas tree picture.