Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunshine after the storm

As the snow tapers off. 1-27-09

Big foot was here.

A little more snow on the picnic tables.

The sun is starting to come out from behind the snow clouds.

OH YES! I see blue sky now. The storm is over dumping 18 inches on the 12 inches we already had.

What wonderful snow storms this month. The record high for January is 42-1/2" and we are close to beating that record which was made the year Eric was born.
They call it the THE BLIZZARD OF 1978.
Oh yes, I was upset because they would not deliver my pepperoni pizza. "Ma'am we are not delivering this evening or in the near future till we get a clear shot down Lorain Road".
They had one lane on each side going east and west, what a nightmare.
So I walked around the corner to Lawsons' Deli and got me a (popular boxed pizza) and trudged through the snow up to my butt and made my own.
The next day (Super Bowl Sunday) I was in Fairview Hospital in labor.

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