Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving at St.Pierre's

Grandma Judy with Lennon.

Rick with Lennon reflecting in a mirror.

Grandpa Rodney doing raspberries on Lennon's belly making him laugh.

Ian two months old.

Lennon 10 months old.

Uncle Nick with Lennon.

Aunt Jenni with Lennon.

Aunt Kim St.Pierre and her boyfriend Dan with Ian.

Nick, Jenni and Ian with Stefanie, Eric and Lennon. Their first picture together as a brothers and wives and sons.

Uncle Eric & Aunt Stefanie with nephew Ian.

The St.Pierre Family. Across the back is Nick, Jenni and Ian Collins, Nana Cindy and Papa Rick. On the floor Kim with her boyfriend Dan.

Nana Cindy and Grandma Judy with Ian.

Grandpa Rodney and Papa Rick with Ian.

Grandma Judy and Grandpa Rodney with Lennon. Eric and Stefanie next to us. Nick and Jenni with Ian. This is our first picture together as a Family.

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