Saturday, November 28, 2009

Virginia trip to an October Fest.

We went to an October Fest at Peter and Jacki's house in October. I can't believe I did not take more pictures. You know, Jimmy, Char, Mary, Baby Jimmy, Jacki, Peter, Emma, Mom, Dolly, Rod, the great food, the collection of different beers, the new house, and so much more. I will think better next time.

Baby Jimmy. My niece Mary's son.

Judy with the big apple.

Mom with the big apple.

Dolly with the big apple.

Judy bottom left and Rodney top right having fun.

Rodney top right. He really is having fun. He is with his three women.

Left - Mom, middle - Franco, right - Dolly. We had a ball that day.

Rodney is taller than the chart.

Judy and Franco.

Mom as the Pumpkin Queen. Mom made a face because the seat was cold. It was very windy that day.

Dolly as the Pumpkin Queen.

Emma and friends.

See...I do go to PA.

A cool sky.

Rodney driving.

Mom entertaining me.

Dolly sleeping.

Dolly sleeping with Franco.

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